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Empowering You To Safely Connect With Others

Red Cape Essentials is here to ensure the safety of not only you but those around you. From face shields and intubation boxes to countertop sneeze guards, all of our products are designed to provide an added level of protection.

Fixed Mount Barriers

Our Fixed Mount Barriers include solid, aluminum mounting hardware that takes just a few minutes to install to provide a sturdy layer of protection.

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Freestanding Barriers

Each Freestanding Barrier features a three sided, wrap-around design to provide a clear layer of protection for employees and customers.

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Countertop Barriers

With functionally in mind, each Countertop Barrier features a simple, three-piece design that can be easily moved from one flat surface to another.

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Cubicle Extenders

If you’re looking to add to or extend existing workspaces, our Cubical Extenders are the perfect solution to decrease the spread of germs

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Freestanding Desk Partitions

The perfect solution to be used between desks or workspaces to protect against the spread of germs and bacteria.

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Workspace Dividers

Designed to be used on large desks or tables in break rooms, classrooms, offices, school cafeterias, coffee shops, and restaurants.

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Medical Shields

Specifically designed for healthcare professionals to comfortably and safely perform intubation or any dental related procedure while protecting against bodily fluids.

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Looking for custom sizes or designs?

Interested in our protective products but need something custom-fit? Red Cape Essentials has you covered. All of our protection barriers can be altered specifically for your needs.

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