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Freestanding Desk Partition

From: $185.33

From: $185.33

Our Freestanding Desk Partition is the perfect solution to be placed in between desks or workspaces to protect against the spread of germs and bacteria.

  • Our desk partition design offers an optimal layer protection
  • Can be used in nearly any office or classroom environment as a freestanding, portable solution
  • Each partition takes just minutes to assemble and requires no additional hardware
Alternative Sizes
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Whether you need a temporary or permanent barrier solution, our Freestanding Desk Partition can be easily assembled and used in any environment for an added layer of protection.

illustration of red cape essentials’ freestanding desk partitions specifications


Freestanding Desk Partition Specifications

Shield1/4″ Thick Polycarbonate
Feet60″ x 12″
QuantitySold Per Unit
Estimated Fulfillment Time1-4 Business Days

simple, three-piece designed freestanding desk partitions takes only minutes to assemble

Quick Assembly

Simple, three-piece design for easy setup and installation.

each freestanding desk partition takes little to no room on countertops to maximize efficiency

Non-Intrusive Design

Provides added safety for individuals while sacrificing little floor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What if I don't see a particular sized freestanding desk partition I need on your website?
Not to worry. Along with our standard sizes, we offer Alternative Sizes for our freestanding desk partitions to suit your unique needs.
2What's the proper way to clean the barriers?
When disinfecting or sanitizing any of our products, we recommend the following cleaning solutions:

  • Steriplex SD
  • Safetec Surface Wipes
  • Peridox RTU
  • Prosat Sterile Wipes

  • Hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy grade)
  • Bleach (household grade)
  • Isopropyl alcohol (diluted with 30% water)

3How do I assemble my freestanding desk partition once I receive it?
Each freestanding desk partition takes only minutes to assemble. For a detailed guide, click here.
4What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of our safety and protection products, all products are not returnable. Learn more by visiting our Returns Page.

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Standard Dimensions

24" x 60" (WxH), 30" x 60" (WxH), 36" x 60" (WxH)