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Freestanding Barriers

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  • quarter view 24" x 24" x 12" freestanding sneeze guard

    Freestanding Sneeze Guard


    Our Freestanding Sneeze Guard features a wrap-around design with a 5” x 12” access hole to exchange payments and other items.

    • Freestanding countertop design that takes only minutes to assemble
    • Clear, three-sided protective barrier that is ideal for added protection when exchanging items
    • A fixed or portable countertop solution that can be utilized in nearly any environment
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  • quarter view 24" x 24" x 12" freestanding desk barrierfreestanding desk barrier

    Freestanding Desk Barrier


    Our Freestanding Desk Barriers features an easy to assemble, wrap-around protective design intended for nearly any flat surface for an added layer of safety between employees and customers.

    • Attractive, three-sided protective barrier that offers the optimal safety environment for each user
    • Can be used in any work environment as a fixed or portable solution
    • Each desk barrier takes only minutes to assemble and requires no hardware to install
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