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Fixed Mount Barriers

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  • quarter view 24" x 12" cubical extender panel

    Cubicle Extender Panel


    Our Cubicle Extender Panels are the perfect solution when adding to or extending workspaces while reducing the risk of employees spreading germs in offices.

    • Clear cubicle extension that is designed to minimize the spread of germs in office environments
    • Fixed-mount solution comes with all required hardware and can be easily installed within a few minutes
    • Stylish design that fits seamlessly with existing office furniture to provide added protection
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  • quarter view 24" x 24" desktop sneeze guarddesk with two desktop sneeze

    Desktop Sneeze Guard


    Our Desktop Sneeze Guard comes standard with a 5″ x 12″ access hole for individuals to safely exchange items and can be easily mounted to virtually any surface within minutes.

    • Fixed, stylish solution that can be utilized in nearly any office or retail environment
    • Clear, protective barrier designed for added protection
    • Features solid, aluminum mounts that are easy to install and take up virtually no desk or counter space for a seamless look
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  • quarter view 24" x 24" desk dividerdesk with two desk dividers

    Desk Divider


    Our Desk Dividers are the ideal solution to be installed between desks or countertops to provide an additional, durable layer of protection for staff while working near one another.

    • Stylish design that comes with all required hardware to be easily installed on surfaces within a few minutes
    • Clear desk divider that can be used in nearly any work environment to minimize the spread of germs
    • Added layer of protection that comes standard with mounting hardware for a more permanent, long-lasting solution
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