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What OSHA Recommends When Returning to Work

OSHA regulations for safely returning to the workplace

As our nation begins to see the COVID-19 curve flatten, businesses and organizations are starting to take proactive measures to reopen their doors to employees and customers once again. This is undoubtedly going to be a slow process that must be carefully laid out in order to avoid a second wave of this pandemic spreading throughout our country yet again. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) has recently issued its recommendations for employers and employees who will soon be returning to work.

While reopening the country is going to be on a state-by-state basis, employers should already be starting to plan and prepare for opening their business up and they need to be sure that they are taking all proactive measures to keep their employees safe.

employers should plan for opening businesses with safety in mind

What is OSHA recommending when returning to work?

Here is a list of some of the recommended steps that OSHA has implemented in order to reduce exposure and protect your employees:
  • Employees should be encouraged to stay home if they are feeling ill.
  • Encourage your employees to use good respiratory etiquette, which includes covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough.
  • Employees should have access to a handwashing station and/or access to hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol-based.
  • Staggered shifts, flexible work hours, social distancing, and the opportunity to telecommute should be encouraged, if possible.
  • Employees should refrain from using co-workers’ work tools, equipment, phones, desks, and other work or personal items.
  • Equipment and work surfaces should be regularly cleaned and disinfected using an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved solution for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Employers should provide PPE in the form of face masks or face shields, if feasible and available.

How do I keep my staff protected against COVID-19?

Your employees are the foundation of your business and it is vital to keep them safe. Following the proper recommendations that have been set forth by OSHA is one of the best ways to protect your employees. Some other tips you will want to consider include:

minimize frequency of entering and exiting the office by utilizing delivery services

Have deliveries made for anything that is needed in the office as opposed to having employees leave to make those purchases off-site.

minimize in-person group meetings by having virtual online meetings

Be wary of physical meetings and encourage online and/or phone teleconferencing meetings instead.

create a sense of normalcy by greeting employees as they return to work

Be supportive to your employees as they begin to come back to work and return to a sense of normalcy.

employers should train staff on OSHA health and safety guidelines

Staff should also be properly trained under these OSHA guidelines as well so that everyone is on board with regards to proper safety procedures to keep everyone safe.

This has been a difficult time for all of us, but we can pull together and get our lives back in order for success and a better future!