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At Red Cape Essentials, we don’t define heroes as those who wear red capes and possess superpowers. Our heroes are all of you⎯ whether you’re a healthcare professional, hairstylist, or school instructor, providing safety products is our number one priority and we’re here to help keep each and every one of you safe.

Our Mission

Variety of workplace professionals who need personal protective equipment
Our mission is to provide protection and allow you to safely connect with those you value most.

Our Promise

Our mission to provide protection for you and those around you.
We promise to offer you the very best solutions and services on the market today.

Our Goal

Our promise to offer you and those around you the best in safety solutions.
Our goal is to help keep you and your loved ones safe from airborne viruses and germs.

Our Story

For every superhero, there’s a villain. For every rainbow, there is always a storm. This is where our story begins…

Timberlane pivots to manufacturing PPE for frontline workers

December 1995

Our parent company, Timberlane Inc, started handcrafting custom exterior shutters and helping to make every “welcome home” moment extraordinary over 25 years ago. In March of 2020, that all changed when COVID-19 began to impact our country, causing a critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies.

pallet with boxes of face shields to help protect essential workers

March 2020

After witnessing firsthand the immediate impact this virus was having on our nation, the Timberlane team quickly mobilized to provide supplies for essential workers who were fighting on the front-line. Not only did they produce over one million face shields for those in need but also hired 309 temporary workers to keep them off of unemployment.

Man and child in red capes to represent who their heroes are and how to protect them with PPE

May 2020

As the world was beginning to reopen and the effects of COVID-19 on life as we knew it was becoming a reality, Red Cape Essentials was born to focus solely on providing protection to heroes everywhere. While we are a relatively young company, our team of dedicated individuals has over two decades of experience manufacturing products and providing the very best quality and service to our customers.