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It has been our privilege to help people all across the country safely interact with one another. If you require high-quality safety products, you may place orders by emailing [email protected].

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Red Cape Essentials’ fixed mount barriers are an easy to mount, sturdy layer of protectionFixed Mount Barriers

Red Cape Essentials’ freestanding barriers offer a wrap-around layer of portable protection with an access hole to safely exchange itemsFreestanding Barriers

Red Cape Essentials’ countertop barriers are easy to assemble and take up little to no room on virtually any flat surfaceCountertop Barriers

Red Cape Essentials’ cubicle extenders feature aluminum mounts that offer a sturdy layer of protection when looking to add workspacesCubicle Extenders

Red Cape Essentials’ freestanding desk partitions can be easily placed in between desks or workspaces to minimize the spread of germsFreestanding Desk Partition

Red Cape Essentials’ workspace dividers require no hardware to install and can be placed on any surface in offices, restaurants or retail spaces Workspace Divider